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MX-100I - Oil product distillation device with a modern control system
oil product distillation device with a modern control system
Oil Product Low-temperature Characteristics Meter MX-700 .
Electric tire inflation station APP-200.
Oil and petroleum products parameters measuring spreadsheets software
New in portable samplers

ПЭ-1620. Portable samplers for oil products

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How to buy

Energy Co. is working with legal personae, offering each customer the best conditions and low prices for manufactured goods, special promotions, professional technical advice in the selection of goods, services and delivery of high-quality warranty.

The site contains only the equipment produced by TH Energy, or equipment manufactured in cooperation with our partners.


You must send an application to us on in an arbitrary manner with name, the number of necessary goods, full name of the responsible and phone number specified. Be sure to include the organization details. Usually the application is processed within a few hours.

To verify the availability and prices of equipment you can contact us by one of the numbers:

  • General:(861)279-0-114
  • Sales:(861) 258-19-25


Please note that prices listed on the site may not always be corresponding with the real ones. Ask manager to specify.

After processing the application a bill or a price quote will be sent to your e-mail address. In a bill take notice of a note stating the additional conditions of supply. The validity of the account is 3 days unless otherwise is not specified.

We, as manufacturers, work without VAT.A simplified taxation system is being used.

To make shipment quicker, we recommend sending us a copy of the payment order after payment is complete.


If goods are in stock, shipment is carried out within three business days.

We work with the Delovyie linii coach company. In Krasnodar delivery to the terminal by transport company is for free.

ou can also pick the products at our address yourselves.

There are other possible ways of delivery, by other companies etc., this issue is discussed individually.


We give a 1 year warranty since the date sold for all our manufactured products.

Maintenance and repairs are conducted by the manufacturer.

Sales :
Sampler PE-1650
3600 руб. 3200 руб.
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