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MX-100I - Oil product distillation device with a modern control system
oil product distillation device with a modern control system
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Electric tire inflation station APP-200.
Oil and petroleum products parameters measuring spreadsheets software
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ПЭ-1620. Portable samplers for oil products

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Electric tire inflation station APP-200
  • Service improvement
  • New customer engagement
  • Easy to use
  • Several stations working from one compressor.
  • Installation at any place
  • Compliant with recommendations of tire manufacturing leaders.
  • Accurate electronic measurement and tire pressure adjustment.
  Tire inflation station is designed for auto-correction and pressure equalization of auto tires to the specified parameters. It is used in gas stations, garages, parking lots, etc. The standard model is made of powder coated metal and is designed to be embedded into the wall. The shape, the color, the algorithm of tire inflation can be changed upon request. Tire inflation station can be used along with any air compressor (air pressure must not exceed 10 atmospheres). Air supply compressor is located in the equipment room and connected with the station by routes.
A possibility of choice of several pressure units like PSI (lbs / in2), kPa(kilopascals), kg / cm2. The accuracy of pressure setup is 0.01 kg / cm2.

There is a sound indicator that informs about the beginning and the end of pressure control process.


1. Enter the pressure setting by pushing "MORE", "Less" buttons.
If necessary, choose reference stand by pushing "REFERENCE STAND"button.
2. Connect the hose to a tire.
3.Wait for abrupt signals(tire inflation complete)
4. Disconnect the hose

If a tire is empty, push Empty tire button to start inflation.
A STOP button is for emergensy stop

  • Electric control unit
  • Spiral hose
  • Connection manual
Price: See price-list

Электронный пост подкачки шин

Электронный пост подкачки шин

Электронный пост подкачки шин

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