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MX-100I - Oil product distillation device with a modern control system
oil product distillation device with a modern control system
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Oil product distillation device GOST 2177-99 - MX-1000i

Application area

  • A well-know and familiar oil product distillation device with a modern control system is designed to determine the fractional content of oil products and crude oil as per GOST 2177-99, GOST R EN ISO 3405, ASTM D 86.
  • Has built-in auto-repeat analysis.
  • Automatic repeat is a function of the device that facilitates the work of laboratory assistant. All changes to the heating element are stored in the memory device, and the next analysis the whole process can be repeated at one-click! Furthermore, in the automatic repeat process you can add or reduce the heating power that allows the distillation process to be corrected depending on various fuel samples.


Аппарат для разгонки нефтепродуктов МХ-1000И Аппарат для разгонки нефтепродуктов МХ-1000И Аппарат для разгонки нефтепродуктов Аппарат для разгонки нефтепродуктов

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Special features:

  • MX-1000Automatic repeat of the previous analysis with manual control quick switch
  • MX-1000Electronic heating control with a power display in %.
  • MX-1000Automatic timing of the analysis duration.
  • MX-1000Audo indication of every minute.
  • MX-1000Electronic or manual table height adjustment.
  • MX-1000Insulated cooling bath and a stainless steel cover.
  • MX-1000Condenser made of corrosion-resistant brass (GOST 2177-99)
  • MX-1000Drain valve for easy replacement of a liquid in the cooling
  • MX-1000Electrical safety heating system.
  • MX-1000Clip to remove the distillation flask, excluding evaporation losses
  • MX-1000Adjustable stand for receiving cylinder.


    Drive-in temperatureup to 400C
    Heater power 1000 W.
    Supply voltage220 v.
    Power consumption1100 W.
    Weight25 kg.
    Dimensions700х560х200 мм


  • Fractional distillation flask FDF-1-125 – 1 p.
  • Measuring cup for 10 and 100 ml – 1 p. each
  • Thermometer ТИН-3 №1 (0... 360 °С) – 1 шт.
  • Thermometer ТН-3 (0... 70 °С) – 1 шт.
  • Centering device - 1 p.
  • Spare heating spiral - 1 p.
  • Instruction manual - 1 p.
  • Rubber thermally sound cork – 2 шт.
  • Collet fixture for flask
  • Heat-resistant stand for flask (inlet diameter 50 mm.)


How to order

To buy MX-1000i please contact us by phone or email to clarify the availability and terms of delivery.

Sales :
Sampler PE-1650
3600 руб. 3200 руб.
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