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MX-100I - Oil product distillation device with a modern control system
oil product distillation device with a modern control system
Oil Product Low-temperature Characteristics Meter MX-700 .
Electric tire inflation station APP-200.
Oil and petroleum products parameters measuring spreadsheets software
New in portable samplers

ПЭ-1620. Portable samplers for oil products

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Automanual measure CFPP of diesel oil

Application area

Designed to determine the parameters quickly and accurately:

  • Peak temperature of diesel oil filterability. (ASTM D 97, ASTM D2500, GOST 5066-91, GOST 22254-92.)

Form factor options

  • MX-700-PTF-PA - Max bath cooling temperature -50 oC.

Where used

The device is used inrefineries, gas stations, oil depots, oil mills.

Due to simplicity of operation, the device is used in the mobile QC departments of petroleum products.

The device has been used successfully in the following establishments:

  • Analizneft Co
  • Ilsky Refinery Co
  • CLAAS Co
  • Kras-Oil
  • Celta (ZAO Tander Magnet) Co.
  • Sibselhozprodukt
  • Yangpur
  • and others...

Special features

  • Built-in Peltier cooling system allows to maintain the bath temperature from +50 to -50 oC.
  • The analysis does not require an external cryostat. Integrated cooling device(cooling compressor).
  • Integrated diaphragm pump supporting vacuum of 200 mm. water column automatically.
  • Graphic display and electronic temperature control bath.
  • Audio indication.
  • Automatic sample pump timing
  • Automatic protection system from Peltier elements overheating


    Types of controlled oilDiesel oil of all brands
    Cell coolingPeltier elements
    Cooling control from +50oС to -50oС
    Accuracy of cooling chamber temperature sustainability °С ±0,5 to ±1,0
    Control of sample movement in pipetvisual
    Vacuum creation system Micropump with auto vacuum regulation
    Info presentationDigital display
    Temperature sensorGlass thermometer, thermocouple
    Voltage, V (*)220 - 250
    Rated frequency, Hz50
    Power consumption in a Cooling mode is not more that, W800
    Terms of Use: 
    Air temperature, С +15 ... +35
    Relative humidity, %30 - 70
    Overall dimensions, mm: 


How to order

To order MX-700-PTF-PA please contact us by email or phone to clarify the availability and terms of delivery.

Sales :
Sampler PE-1650
3600 руб. 3200 руб.
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