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Octane meter PE-7300 (series 4000).

Application area

Octane meter is designed to determine the octane number by research and motor method of gasoline, and determine the cetane number of diesel fuels in the process of operational control in the field and laboratory conditions using a personal computer. This model allows the device to determine the anti-knock index AKI.

  • Octane number - research method
  • Octane number - motor method
  • Cetane number

Mode of operation

    The mode of operation is based on a comparison of octane dielectric attributes of gasoline (diesel fuels) with a computer database, taking into account the temperature correction. Along with software a special reference system is supplied, which regulates the procedure for oil product provision.
PE-7300 PE-7300 PE-7300

Where used

  • testing laboratories of oil refineries and oil bases for stability control of technological processes;
  • authorities executing operational control over the quality of oil products in order to determine compliance with the requirements of national (state) standards ;
  • cientific research

Special features

  • Measures the octane number of gasoline of petroleum origin by motor and research methods.
  • The measuring principle is based on comparison of octane (cetane) numbers of certified samples of gasoline (diesel fuels) and controlled gasoline (diisel oils).
  • Utilized certified gasoline charts (diesel fuels), interpolation software and temperature correction test sample are implemented into the device RAM.
  • With the device comes a software package that allows you to use the octane meter with a personal computer (connection is via USB port).
  • The measurements of octane (cetane) numbers are displayed on the LCD screen and the computer screen. Additionally, device operation mode information, which shows corrections, and executed measurement data are displayed on computer screen in a convenient and clear form.
  • Correction of any motor gasoline is automatically calculated by PC at two values of octane number. The calculated correction is recorded in the nonvolatile memory device. This increases measurement accuracy of gasoline types made ready using dissimilar production technologies.
  • Allows you to store up to 8 measurement values with their subsequent computer transfer.
  • Test results can be saved in popular formats (MS Word and Excel) for further processing and analysis. Reference program does not require adjustments during measurements.
  • A special reference system, which conducts the oil product quality control in enterprises, is bundled with the software(RUS).
  • Use of low-voltage low-current power supply allows you to operate the unit in any type of room with fire-and-explosion risk.


  • Electronic unit;
  • Sensor;
  • AC adapter;
  • Case
  • CD-ROM with software
  • Device passport.


    Types of controlled fuelgasoline and diesel oil of all brands
    Octane measuring range:60- 99
    Cetane measuring range30– 70
    Octane number measurement error ± 1,0
    Cetane number measurement error ± 2,0
    Measurement Time, sec5
    Electrical powerBattery of 6F22 9v, network adapter 220 / 9 V.
    Power consumption, мА40 +/- 5
    Terms of Use: 
    Air temperature:from 10 to +45
    Relative humidity, %30 - 70
    Overall dimensions,mm: 
    Weight, kg1.1


How to order

To buy Octane meter PE-7300 please contact us by email or phone to clarify the availability and terms of delivery.

Sales :
Sampler PE-1650
3600 руб. 3200 руб.
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