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MX-100I - Oil product distillation device with a modern control system
oil product distillation device with a modern control system
Oil Product Low-temperature Characteristics Meter MX-700 .
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Oil and petroleum products parameters measuring spreadsheets software
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ПЭ-1620. Portable samplers for oil products

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 Advert light display system!


  • Graphical output on remote displays. Video ads, text ads, news reports, the various sensors output (quality system), etc. Displays are made in Ambient class style and can be used outdoors.

The approximate system structure:

1. Computer (formation, management and retrieval of information to be displayed on a remote monitor).

2. LCD Monitors designed for harsh service conditions

3. Splitters, splash-proof VGA amplifiers.

4. VGA cable.

5. Various sensors, if required (temperature, octane, cetane number, meters, level meters, switches, limit switches, motion detectors, etc.)

The software is modified individually, depending on the type of output information, used sensors and application of the display system. Simultaneous display of different data on each monitor separately (up to 8 monitors).

Distance from the computer monitor is up to 100 meters.

Price : Various (t. 861 279-0-114)

 "ENERGY-17V" Display Features

External use monitor "ENERGY-17V"

  • Protection Classification - IP65
  • Housing - stainless steel 12X18N10T, duralumin.
  • The housing type - embedded.
  • Painting - powder enamel.
  • Operating temperature, -40, +50
  • Power - 220 V.
  • Power consumption from 47 to 100 W.
  • Height - 550 mm.
  • Width - 600 mm.
  • Depth - 91 mm.
  • Weight - 18 kg

Options - touch screen, remote control.

Matrix features.:

  • Type - LCD
  • Size (visible) 17 "(17")
  • Maximum resolution of 1280x1024
  • Type of LCD matrix TFT TN
  • Series Professional
  • Horizontal scanning frequency: 32-81 kHz; Vertical: 56-75 Hz
  • Bandwidth 135 MHz
  • Horizontal dot pitch 0.264 mm
  • Vertical dot pitch 0.264 mm
  • Brightness 400 cd / m2
  • Contrast 1000: 1
  • Response time of 2 ms
  • Across 176 °, 176 ° Upright at CR> 5: 1; 160 ° across and 160 ° upright at CR> 10: 1
  • Anti-glare screen coating
  • Inputs DVI-D, VGA (D-Sub)

Changing of monitor features is possible by client’s request.

Система качества АЗС

Монитор Энергия 17В

Монитор Энергия 17В

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