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oil product distillation device with a modern control system
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Water cut determination device for oil products.

Water cut determination device is intended as laboratory equipment to determine the water content in oil products as per GOST 2477.

Operating principle

Heating the oil samples with a water immiscible solvent and measuring the volume of the condensed water

  • Preparing an oil product sample as per p.2 GOST 2477.
  • Preparing Water cut determination device for test. The glass parts of the device, distillation vessel, receiver trap and inner tube refrigerator are washed with solvent, dried after that to remove all traces of solvent, and cooled to room temperature.
  • The device is carefully assembled on a flat steady table in a place with no significant air movement. Microsections are lubricated in advance with a special grease or liquid paraffin. Then it is secured upright on the refrigerator support so it can move in a plastic boss when slightly pushed. The bulb is placed in a heater, the receiver trap is put and the refrigerator is carefully set up
  • 100 cm 3 / 100 g of a sample with an error of less than 1% isbrought in the distillation flask. When using a receiver trap with a scale of 10 cm3 amount of the test sample (depending on the water content) is reduced so that the volume of water collected in the trap receiver does not exceed 10 cm3. Then 100 cm3 of solvent is measured with cylinder into the flask as per Table 1 of GOST 2477 and the contents of the flask are thoroughly mixed until complete dissolution of the tested oil product and a few pieces of unglazed earthenware or porcelain are added to the flask. Water is put in the condenser, heating is turned on, with the regulator ? - ? of total power.
  • Further testing and processing of the results are carried out as per p. 3, GOST 2477.
List of standard equipment
  • Electric heater, -
  • The distillation flask
  • Receiver trap
  • Reflux condenser of HPT type
  • Glass stick
  • Measuring cylinder 50 ml
  • Instruction Manual
  • GOST 2477
  • Packing case
price : see price-list
water in oil
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